Live from Dinosaur Island is a History Documentary programme.



Live from Dinosaur Island

The hunt is on! This summer the Isle of Wight will be the base for an extraordinary event - the largest dinosaur dig ever in Britain. Making for a unique live television event, the dig begins on Sunday, with three further live broadcasts transmitting across the week.

On a stretch of coastline on the south-west side of the island lie the remains of what could be some of the most important dinosaurs ever found in the UK. Live From Dinosaur Island is an adventure into uncharted territory as up to six dinosaur sites are explored in just six days. Teams

of palaeontologists are to probe the areas in the hope of finding out more about these incredible creatures.

One of the digs will try and find the rest of the remains of a completely new type of dinosaur. Eotyrannus Lengi, a 13ft-long carnivore with a large, long-jawed head filled with razor sharp teeth, was the elder brother of the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The team have just six days and are up against the clock, performing a task that would normally take months. The programmes chart the progress of the digs, bring the bones to life and show scientific discovery as it happens. Model makers, artists and graphic designers are also on hand to help bring the dinosaurs to life before viewers' very eyes.

Genre: History Documentary

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)