Big Break is a Game Show programme.

Big Break is a 3 star programme



Big Break

Jim Davidson presents the long running British game show Big Break. Previously an UK stand-up comedian he leads three teams through the rounds. The teams are made up of a contestant and a professional snooker player.

Red Hot is the first round where the contestants answer three particularly easy questions in order to win time. Their snooker player partner then has to "pot as many balls as they can" of the available ten red balls on the table. The team who scores the least potted balls goes on to the trick shot!

The chance to perform a trick shot for a consolation prize is often the highlight of the show. The trick shot is even what many contestants want the chance to have a go at! John Virgo the co-presenter and professional snooker player sets up the shot and gives a demonstration of how to do it!

Pocket Money is the second round and involves the skills of the contestant and snooker player. The snooker player has to try and pocket as many balls which will give the contestant more money, the black being worth the most at £70. If the player should miss or commit a foul, the contestant has to try and answer a question. Each balls colour is related to a particular category of question. This round depends equally on the contestant and player as a team! The player with the most money at the end of the round goes on to play Make or Break.

In Make or Break the contestant has to try and answer five questions correctly to allowed the snooker player to remove up to five red balls from a six-ball pack of reds. The snooker player then has the remainder of the 90 seconds (whatever the contestant had not used in the question and answer section) to pot the as many balls as he/she can. After potting a red the player has to go for a colour before attempting to pot the coloured balls in sequence.

Along the course of the show Jim Davidson and John Virgo amuse the audience, and entertain the contestants, the show is often on BBC 1 so keep a look out for an episode, and tune in!

Presented by : Jim Davidson and John Virgo

The new series of the popular snooker game show, Big Break brings world-class snooker players to the screen once again as they play against the clock and each other to score points and win prizes for the contestants.

Many current top players and a few old favourites appear including Fergal O' Brien, Mark King, Dominic Dale, Tony Drago, Ray Reardon and Steve Davis. Kelly Fisher, the Ladies' World Champion, joins Jim and John for the first time and one lucky contestant attempts the "trick shot" set by referee John Virgo.

Contestants are from all over the United Kingdom, including, this week, Terry Herbert (32) from Bordesley Village in the Midlands, Dawn Finnegan (37) from Tyne and Wear and Ian Irwin (42) from Gloucestershire. This week's snooker champions are Ken Doherty, Stephen Hendry and Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Genre: Game Show

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

3/5 Stars