Soldier (1998)

Directed by
Paul W.S. Anderson

In this futuristic thriller we see that society have come to the point that they select their future soldiers at birth and train them up to be merciless killing machines. Sergeant Todd (Kurt Russell) is one of the oldest and most successful of these soldiers. However, a new generation of super warriers have been created through the science of genetic engineering and threaten the careers and lives of Todd and his fellow warriors.

When forced to battle against this new breed of warriors, Todd is believed to have been killed in the battle with Caine 607 (Jason Scott Lee) and his body dumped on a near abandoned waste, colonial planet. Here he is nursed back to health by the very attractive, Sandra (Connie Nielson). He soon meets and interacts with the planets civilisation, a group of crash survivors. This new civilisation lead out a totally peaceful existence on the planet and Todd is taught to lead this way of life as well.

However their peace is soon torn from them as the new breed of soldiers land on the planet with the mission to eliminate the entire colony, there only chance of survival is Sergeant Todd who must defend his new found life.

Written by

Also known as "El Ăšltimo Soldado", "O Soldado do Futuro", "Soldado", "Soldat"

Genre: Film

Running Time: 100 minutes (approx)

Production Year: 1998

3/5 Stars

Classification: 18 Certificate

Production Country: UK/USA

Filmed in Colour


Image for Kurt RussellKurt Russell...Todd
Jason Scott Lee...Caine 607
Image for Jason IsaacsJason Isaacs...Mekum
Connie Nielsen...Sandra
Image for Sean PertweeSean Pertwee...Mace
Jared Thorne...Nathan
Taylor Thorne...Nathan
Mark Bringleson...Rubrick
Image for Gary BuseyGary Busey...Church
K.K. Dodds...Sloan
James Monroe Black...Riley
Mark de Alessandro...Goines
Vladimir Orlov...Romero
Carsten Norgaard...Green
Duffy Gaver...Chelsey