Las Vegas Uncovered is an Entertainment programme.

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Las Vegas Uncovered

It has been more than 30 years since Sinatra and the Rat Pack left Las Vegas. Ever since that time Vegas' reputation as the party capital of the world has been on the slide. But all that is about to change..

This brand new series smashes stereotypes of Vegas as the home of small time midnight gamblers and cheesy lounge singers. Times have changed - Las Vegas is back on the map and hipper than ever.

A brand new six-part series that shows the new Vegas in all its glory, Las Vegas Uncovered follows the exploits of the movers and shakers of Las Vegas as it lifts the lid on the glamour and the graft of life in the entertainment capital of the world. The series goes behind the scenes to talk to the people who are shaping the city's image, and also looks at some of the Brits who have set up home there to enjoy the good life that this regenerated city is giving them.

Key characters in the series include:

Billionaires - Billy Richardson is the son of hotel billionaire Bill Richardson Snr. Billy was given $20 million by his father to set up new night spots that would draw in a younger, hipper crowd. With the help of his right hand man, Brit Marc Jay, he has created the club 'Ra' that has seen the likes of Judge Jules, Paul Oakenfold and Brandon Block playing sets to sell-out crowds. His restaurant '3950' has also become a must with a new breed of younger high rollers who are flocking to town.

Boxers - Las Vegas has long been known as the home of big match boxing. The recent shock defeat of Prince Naseem Hamed at the hands of challenger Marco Antonio Barrera proves that anything can happen in the fight game and usually will. The whole drama is captured in the show, including the reaction of the army of British fans who made the long trip to cheer their (ex-) champion on.

Showgirls - Two of the leading lights in the strip's world famous showgirl review 'Jubilee!' are Brits Catherine Ress-Meyer and Rachel Zinn. It has long been their ambition to be showgirls, with all the glamour, fame and excitement. Now they have made it, they reveal what it feels like to be living the dream.

It Girls - No party town would be complete without its very own 'It-girl' and Vegas is no exception. Based in The V Bar, Akashia is the woman everyone wants to know who can unlock the door to a party scene unlike anywhere else in the world.

Party Boys - Wherever there is a party there is sure to be a gang of lads to make it go with a bang. With stag parties, football teams and boxing fanatics pouring into Vegas from the UK on a weekly basis, the British boys are keeping the flag flying for wild and excessive behaviour in a way that only they can.

Las Vegas Uncovered is the seventh series in a franchise that began with Ibiza Uncovered in 1997. Uncovered CDs, magazines and 'Uncut' videos have gone on to top the charts over the last five years with Channel 4 purchasing the shows for a terrestrial broadcast as early as 1998.

Genre: Entertainment

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)