How'd You Get So Rich? is an Entertainment programme.


How'd You Get So Rich?

If you could hang out with the richest people in the world, what would you ask them? Comedian Katherine Ryan meets the wealthy, the super-wealthy and the super-duper-wealthy, to pose the simplest, yet most important question we all want answered: How'd You Get So Rich? In this episode, Katherine meets the husband and wife team that went from running a market stall to becoming the founders of the ú50 million retail chain Poundland. How did they do that? She also meets Britain's flashiest playboy, who started out in pop music then made his millions owning hotels in central London. And in America, she meets the richest cosmetic surgeon in the world, who's performed surgery on numerous stars.

Genre: Entertainment

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

When is How'd You Get So Rich? next on TV?

It's next showing on Channel 4 March 6th, 10:00pm and on Channel 4 Plus 1 March 6th, 11:00pm. See more...