Space Island One is a Drama programme.

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Space Island One

Inspired by man's quest for knowledge and set in the early decades of the 21st century, Space Island One is a unique drama series and the first to utilise space as a real working environment. The series follows the lives of seven remarkable men and women who inhabit the self-sustaining permanent space station Unity, engaged in full time research and commercial ventures. Starring Judy Loe as Commander Kathryn MacTiernan, Angus MacInnes as second-in-command Walter B Shannon, Indra Ové as sultry biochemist Paula Hernandez, Julia Bremermann as volatile chief biochemist Harriet 'Harry' Eschenback, Bruno Eyron as charismatic computer specialist Dusan Kashkavian, Kourosh Asad as mystic medical officer Kaveh Homayuni and William Oliver as the loner oddball scientist and philosopher Lyle Campbell. The ship's diminutive robots, Roam One and Roam Two, star as themselves.

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 50 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Judy Loe...Cmdr. Kathryn McTiernan
Indra Ové...Paula Hernandez
Angus MacInnes...Lt. Cmdr. Walter B. Shannon
Bruno Eyron...Dusan Kashkavian
Julia Bremermann...Henrietta 'Harry' Eschenbach
Kourosh Asad...Dr. Kaveh Homayuni
William Oliver...Chief Science Officer Lyle Campbell
Sally Grace...Control
Suzanne Hitchmough...Dr. Gail Mulloy
Colin Buchanan...Ted Lansing
Image for Julie GrahamJulie Graham...Michelle Stock