18 certificateRome is a Drama programme that first aired in 2007 and has been classified a 18 certificate.

Rome is a 4 star programme

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Rome (2007)

Directed by
Michael Apted
Steve Shill
Timothy Van Patten
Allen Coulter
Alan Taylor
John Maybury
Alan Poul
Carl Franklin
Mikael Salomon
Roger Young
Alik Sakharov
Jeremy Podeswa
Julian Farino
Adam Davidson

Half a century before the dawn of Christianity, Rome has become the wealthiest city in the world, a cosmopolitan metropolis of one million people - epicenter of a sprawling empire. Founded on principles of shared power and fierce personal competition, the Republic was created to prevent any one man from seizing absolute control. It is a society where soldiers can rise up from provincial commoners to become national heroes, even leaders of the Republic.

But as the ruling class became extravagantly wealthy, the foundations have crumbled, eaten away by corruption and excess, and the old values of Spartan discipline and social unity have given way to a great chasm between the classes.

A richly layered look at history and the building of an empire, 'Rome' sets the stage for modern politics - infighting, corruption, party lines and the struggle to define collective values. "Human nature never changes," says co-creator Bruno Heller. "We see the same problems today - crime, unemployment, disease, and the struggle for social mobility and the pressure to preserve your place in a precarious society."

An intimate drama of love and betrayal, masters and slaves, and husbands and wives, 'Rome' chronicles the epic times that saw the fall of a Republic and the creation of an empire.

Written by , , , , , , , , ,

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

Production Year: 2007

4/5 Stars

Classification: 18 Certificate

Production Country: UK/USA

Main Cast

Image for Ray StevensonRay Stevenson...Titus Pullo
Image for Kevin McKiddKevin McKidd...Lucius Vorenus
Kerry Condon...Octavia of the Julii
Image for James PurefoyJames Purefoy...Mark Antony
Polly Walker...Atia of the Julii
Ian McNeice...Newsreader
Coral Amiga...Unknown, Vorena the Elder
Image for Lindsay DuncanLindsay Duncan...Servilia of the Junii
Nicholas Woodeson...Posca
Tobias Menzies...Marcus Junius Brutus
Chiara Mastalli...Eirene
Image for David BamberDavid Bamber...Marcus Tullius Cicero
Suzanne Bertish...Eleni, Unknown
Anna Fausta Primiano...Vorena the Younger
Image for Indira VarmaIndira Varma...Niobe
Image for Ciarán HindsCiarán Hinds...Julius Caesar
Lidia Biondi...Merula
Max Pirkis...Gaius Octavian
Lee Boardman...Timon
Esther Hall...Lyde