Lewis is a Drama programme.

Down Among the Fearful (Part 1 of 2) has no rating, but Lewis is a 4/5 star programme.
4 star rating
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Lewis: Down Among the Fearful (Part 1 of 2)

Series 7, episode 1

Directed by
Brian Kelly

Originally Aired On: Monday, 07 January 2013

When Lewis and Hathaway investigate the murder of university psychologist Reuben Beatty, it appears that he has been injected with a powerful paralysing agent. Then it is revealed that Beatty had been moonlighting as a clairvoyant. His colleague Vicki Walmsley is convinced that Beatty's mentor, along with his military paymasters, may have killed him to keep him quiet. As Lewis and Hathaway struggle to unpick his baffling double life, Vicki herself is murdered and it becomes obvious that dark forces are at work - and not just in the afterlife.


Edwin Thomas...Reuben Beatty
Catherine Steadman...Polly Beatty
Tallulah Fox...Sarah Beatty
Fifi Fox...Sarah Beatty
Beatie Edney...Justine Skinner
Tuppence Middleton...Vicki Walmsley
Marty Cruikshank...Woman Interviewee
Neil Stuke...Professor Andrew Crane
Image for Laurence FoxLaurence Fox...DS James Hathaway
Image for Kevin WhatelyKevin Whately...DI Robert Lewis
Carol Harvey...Mandy
Dominic Mafham...Frank McLean
Adam Wadsworth...Joshua Grace
Suzette Llewellyn...Susan Smith
Clare Holman...Dr. Laura Hobson
Emily Joyce...Jane Grace
Rebecca Front...Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent
Sanjeev Bhaskar...Kanan Dutta
Image for Lesley VickerageLesley Vickerage...Katherine Dutta
Kirsten Foster...WTC Stapleton
Hermione Gulliford...Lucy Sopher