Headless is a Drama programme.

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This late-night sexy thriller has been quoted as being a cross between "American Psycho" and "Twin Peaks" and is being aired in 10 instalments.

The series is set in Janus Towers, a luxury apartment building that offers space and the top of the range security systems. However when the wife of newly married resident finds his wife decapitated in their bed he calls this security into question.

When this crime is reported the police that appear on the scene are, DCI Mortimer Marzec (Patrick Robinson) and his trusted assistant, DI Claire Brennen (Ginny Holder). Now they must discover whether there is any connection between this gruesome murder and the building's residents (and there are some strange ones there), or whether it was an external factor.

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Debbie Arnold
Patrick Robinson
Ginny Holder
Mary Tamm
Orlando Seale
Deborah Sheridan-Taylor
Jonie Broom
David Ashton
Sara Griffiths