Elizabeth I: The Golden Era is a Drama programme.

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Elizabeth I: The Golden Era: Elizabeth I: The Enemy Within

Series 1, episode 2

From the moment that Elizabeth is anointed queen, her enemies at home and abroad begin to move against her. To the Catholic rulers of France and Spain, Elizabeth is a heretic, while at home, her own government is desperate to marry her off to a man who can rule and provide the nation with an heir. There is also the problem about what to do with Mary Queen of Scots, who is forced to abdicate following two disastrous marriages and shocking scandals of adultery and murder, after which she flees to England and appeals to Elizabeth for protection

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Image for Lily ColeLily Cole
Alex Hughes
Audrey L'Ebrellec
Darren Bransford
James Ellis
Jamie Piggot
James Groom
Suzannah Lipscomb
Dan Jones
Chris Holt
Nicolas Kent
Susan Jones