Band of Gold is a Drama programme.

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Band of Gold

Gina Dickson (Ruth Gemmell) is a young mother from Yorkshire. She has recently, and finally, thrown out her abusive husband but this leaves her in serious financial trouble. With the debts piling up she only has one other option.. a loan shark!

Gina is having real problems finding work and someone to look after her children until she meets Carol Johnson (Cathy Tyson).

Carol turns out to be a prostitute and starts to teach Gina the tools of her trade as a means to an end. She teaches her how to "Walk the Lane" and introduces her to the desperate world of Pimps, Punters and, of course, the police.

On a positive note Carol also introduces Gina to her circle of friends; Rose Garrity (Geraldine James) the eldest hooker who 'rules' the Lane and Tracey Richards (Samantha Morton) who is a young desperate runaway who has since become hooked on drugs and her pimp.

However when Gina discovers the worst thing that can happen to a girl on the Lane the friends decide to pack in their less than ideal lifestyles and go legit.

They now start a business together, which will get back at the loan shark, once and for all.

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Image for Geraldine JamesGeraldine James...Rose Garrity
Cathy Tyson...Carol Johnson
Barbara Dickson...Anita Braithwaite
Image for Samantha MortonSamantha Morton...Tracy Richards
Rachel Davies...Joyce Webster
Tony Doyle...George Ferguson
Image for David SchofieldDavid Schofield...DCI Newall
Richard Moore...Curly
Image for Ray StevensonRay Stevenson...Steve Dickson
Image for Lena HeadeyLena Headey...Colette
Anthony Milner...Bob
Ace Bhatti...Dez
Darren Tighe...Smiley
Rebecca Callard...Tula
Adam Kotz...Vinnie Marshall
Laura Kilgallon...Emma Johnson
Judy Browne...DS Kershaw
Stephen MacKenna...Ian
Image for Philip Martin BrownPhilip Martin Brown...Mr. Moore
Anita Carey...Glennis Minkin