Twister Tours is a Documentary programme.


Twister Tours

Twister Tours takes us into the world of a new kind of tourist. Forever searching for that ultimate thrill, these holidaymakers are willing to endure days of discomfort in the hope of witnessing nature's most spectacular, destructive and dangerous phenomenon: the tornado.

While the movie Twister may have shown 'chasers' emerging without a scratch after having had four tornadoes roll over them in one day, the reality of 'chasing' is somewhat different. It's very difficult to approach within five miles of a tornado - and being caught in one is unlikely to leave you unscathed, as will become evident from the spectacular footage of these terrifying beasts shown here.

A happy hunting ground for chasers is the central plains area of the US - often called 'Tornado Alley' - which has the most frequent and violent tornadoes anywhere in the world.

Experienced chasers have accumulated a great deal of meteorological knowledge, even if they haven't studied the subject formally. They combine this with a certain intuition and a lot of patience. This process of waiting, watching and predicting tornadoes is known as 'playing the storm'.

One storm chaser, Wayne Curtis, suggests a training regimen for aspirants that includes sitting in your car for hours on end staring out of the window, before sprinting into a McDonalds, ordering a burger and sprinting back to your car within 90 seconds to continue your vigil... However, chaser Chuck Doswell describes the thrill of finding your tornado as akin to "the 'buck fever' that hunters experience when they find their elusive quarry..."

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)