Sci-Fi Saved My Life is a Documentary programme.

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Sci-Fi Saved My Life

Sci-Fi Saved My Life reveals the science fact behind the science fiction of some of the biggest sci-fi cult movies and television series. We'll look at the technologies that inspired Hollywood scriptwriters to invent science fiction and discover how these movies and TV classics have influenced scientists to invent what they only knew from fiction, in turn revolutionising medicine, space exploration, and consumer technology.

Kicking off with one of the most revolutionary films in the last decade, The Matrix Saved My Life explores the virtual reality that the films have inspired; from machines with artificial intelligence and virtual operating theatres to online worlds and virtual crime.

Iconic clips from the film and behind-the-scenes footage will be intercut with interviews with those responsible for the film and those who were inspired to generate the real science. Other episodes look at how Men in Black, Terminator, Stargate and Star Trek have inspired earth shattering science. From walking, talking human-like robots to airborne lasers and flying cars, the truth is out there and out of this world.

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)