Old New World is a Documentary programme.


Old New World

In the first edition of this three part documentary series entitled "United States of Europe", Lucinda Lambton confesses to a long-term love affair with America and travels enthusiastically through the continent in search of the authentic survival of its rich past.

From the beauty of an early German meeting house in Maine, to the very English settlement of Marblehead in Massachussetts, an Irish American bar in Manhattan awash with reminders of its famous customers and a fabulous Greek soda fountain in Indiana, Lucinda explores places of outstanding aesthetic and historical interest. All are extraordinary examples of past eras and clearly show the social and cultural fingerprints of their communities.

Lucinda travels to St Louis where she visits the astonishing Anhauser Busch brewery and to Virginia to experience classical English gentility of Shirley Plantation as a very different pidture of America starts to emerge - one in which a strong European influence exists.

The second edition, entitled "America Preserved" follows Lucinda Lambton as she continues her personal voyage of discovery, she finds more buildings and places that conjure up a vivd sense of old-fashioned America.

From the astoinishing 18th-century Tremont Nail Factory in Massachusetts, still in continuous use, to the oldest country store, a single-roomed wooden shack in Kentucky where she meets a family of singing blonde beauties, Lucinda discovers a contemporary America in which the past is still cherished.

From the Mohonk Mountain House - a breathtaking Quaker Shangri-La on the Hudson River - to an undisturbed 1840's department store in Memphis, Tennessee, and on to the garden district of New Orleans, Louisiana, Lucinda delights in the unexpected beauty and the often eccentric owners of these throwbacks to the past.

Attending an all-black wedding ceremony in the white palace of Nottaway, the largest plantation house in Louisiana, Lucinda concludes that the ironies of the Old New World are very much alive in present-day America.

In the final edition "Lambton with a P" Lucinda concludes her American journey with a search for her own American ancestors, as she travels to Missouri, Connecticut, New York, Kentucky and Mississippi, and finds out how the "B" in Lambton became a "P". She also discovers - to her delight - that Mark Twain, the father of American literature, was himself a Lampton and how American Lampton's became obsessed with pursuing their claim to English aristocratic titles.

As well as tracing some of the colourful Lampton characters and stories, Lucinda tries to find out about her other American ancestors, the Livingstons, a hugely influential American family living in faded splendour.

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 50 minutes (approx)