Kuwait: A Changing Nation is a Documentary programme.

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Kuwait: A Changing Nation

On August 2, 1990, Iraq storms Kuwait and stuns the world, pitting Muslim against Muslim, defying strong ultimatums from the West. Seven months later, coalition forces pummel Iraq in the air and on the ground, and Kuwait is liberated. In the wake of defeat, Saddam Hussein diabolically destroys oil wells worth billions of dollars. The lifeblood of Kuwait is drained and environmental ruin threatened.

What has happened to Kuwait, eleven years since the invasion is chronicled in a landmark documentary, Kuwait: A Changing Nation. This account traces the new path the country is forging as a conduit for change in the Middle East. Stepping into the spotlight of democracy, Kuwait is seen embracing freedom of speech, religion, political beliefs, and women's rights, breaking away from the traditional ideology of the rest of the Arab world.

Kuwait, A Changing Nation is written and hosted by international journalist Riz Khan who meets with Kuwaiti social and political leaders including Minister of Defense, Sheikh Jaber Al-Sabah who reflects on how his country's liberation from Iraq has contributed to its progress, and moves toward Western styled democracy. Also commenting on the changes in Kuwait are former British Prime Minister, John Major and former U.S. Secretary of State, James Baker, who shed light on the issues facing Kuwait today.

An international production team effectively combines disciplines to provide an objective perspective on Kuwait¹s recovery from Iraqi terrorism, its political shift toward the West, and the possibility of new terrorist threats after 9/11. Kuwait, A Changing Nation is documented and produced by global journalists Hussain Al-Otaibi and Jim Miller.

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Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)


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