Joy of Text - Documentary is a Documentary programme.



Joy of Text - Documentary

BBC ONE is bringing textual intercourse to prime-time television.

This fun, lively look at text messaging examines the way in which the phenomenon is taking over people's lives. The way people communicate is changing. Free to talk has become "F2T" and see you later is now "CUL8R" as the language adapts to suit the needs of the modern world.

BBC ONE celebrates The Joy Of Text with an evening of programmes. There are shocks, surprises and hilarious stories as presenter Ulrika Jonsson encourages the audience and viewers to interact via text messages.

The amusing and serious sides to text messaging are also examined in a documentary that brings news of the man who met his future wife after he randomly texted her; the teenager who ran up a huge phone bill through text messaging; and the "text obsessive" who set up his own text company.

The evening concludes with a shocking look at adultorientated issues including text sex - proving that it is possible to make love in public without getting caught.

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 45 minutes (approx)