How to Get Fit Fast is a Documentary programme.

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How to Get Fit Fast

Getting fit is big business in the UK. But in spite of all our good intentions, it's reckoned that 80% of us fail to continue with our new year's resolutions to get fit and lose weight. So how can you revive your mojo and get the maximum benefit from your exercise of choice? Anna Richardson and Amar Latif continue to help viewers find the exercise that's right for them, bust exercise myths, and offer fitness shortcuts and hacks based on up-to-date scientific research. Anna finds out how a modern makeover of the callisthenics fitness craze of the 1980s can build muscle, without hours on the weights in the gym. And Amar tests out exercises that fit into even the shortest lunch breaks.

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

When is How to Get Fit Fast next on TV?

It's next showing on Channel 4 May 25th, 8:00pm and on Channel 4 Plus 1 May 25th, 9:00pm. See more...