Hard B*****ds is a Documentary programme.



Hard B*****ds

Kate Kray, former wife of the infamous Ronnie Kray, presents this intriguing eight-part documentary series which takes a look at, and profiles, some of the UK's tougher characters who live their lives by the rules of the streets and not of the government.

In the first edition we are provided an insight into the world of Roy "Pretty Boy" Shaw. Shaw is an old friend of her husband, a former champion unlicensed boxer and the veteran of 21 prisons which were unable to control his destructive urges.

Shaw has spent over a third of his life behind bars, and done time at Broadmoor Hospital for the criminally insane. A bruiser who liked a scrap, he was steered towards crime by his mates: "Friends told me that if I kept whacking people, I might as well get some money for it." His longest spell in jail began after his gang stole £87,000 from a bullion van in 1963 - at the time, the biggest scam after the Great Train Robbery.

Shaw tried to stay disciplined in jail but couldn't stay out of trouble, and after several vicious assaults, he was given the 'liquid cosh', a cocktail of drugs to keep him pacified. It didn't work: he had Ronnie Kray shoot a man who was having an affair with his wife; he beat up prison officers; and rooftop protests led to extended spells in solitary.

Eventually he was released, and capitalised on his main talent. He made a small fortune from 16 unlicensed fights, including the bout that made his reputation: a terrifying destruction of the 'King of the Gypsies', Donnie 'The Bull' Adams.

Nowadays, Shaw claims he's mellowed. Though he still trains, he doesn't fight any more. With his own website, a nice house and thriving business, Shaw has made it. But you only have to look in his eyes to know that, even at 60-plus, only a fool crosses Roy 'Pretty Boy' Shaw.

In the second edition, we focus on Carlton Leach, a former football hooligan, bodyguard, and

doorman at some of London's toughest clubs. Five years ago, three of his closest friends were gunned down in an infamous gangland drug killing. Carlton explains how this led him to take stock and begin to live a quieter life. The question is, can he ever truly walk away?

Presented by : Kate Kray

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)