Grayson Perry: All Man is a Documentary programme.

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Grayson Perry: All Man: Top Man

Series 1, episode 2

Directed by (unconfirmed)
Arthur Carey

Turner Prize-winning artist and double Bafta Award-winning TV presenter Grayson Perry investigates contemporary masculinity by spending time in different ultra-male worlds to see what their extreme maleness reveals about the changing lives and expectations of all men in Britain today. In this episode Grayson spends time with Lancashire Police as they wrestle with the problems on one of the most crime-plagued estates in Skelmersdale, Lancashire. Although 85% of all crime is committed by men, the issue is rarely discussed in gender terms. But that's what Grayson sets out to do, getting behind the stark statistics and seeing if this masculine conflict can tell us something about all men. Grayson embeds with the police for a series of dawn raids, part of Operation Nemesis, an initiative to crack down on gang-related violence and drug-dealing, and talks to some of the men arrested in police custody.