U certificateDancing with the Devil is a Documentary programme and has been classified a U certificate.

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Dancing with the Devil

Directed by
Jon Blair

Directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Jon Blair, Dancing with the Devil is a shockingly intimate and visually stunning portrait of the drug-related gang war that dominates the slums of Rio de Janeiro.

With unprecedented access to one of the world's most violent hotspots, Blair follows three very different men through the city's perilous backstreets - places no foreigner, or even ordinary Brazilians, dare go - to provide an unflinching look at one of the bloodiest urban conflicts in the world, which leaves more than 1,000 people dead each year.

"Spiderman", a 28-year-old drug lord, patrols the shadowy streets of Coréia, the sprawling favela he controls. Inspector Leonardo Torres, a muscle-bound cop from Rio's drug squad, inches through the alleys of another shanty town, pursuing dealers and dodging bullets. And Pastor Dione dos Santos, a reformed gangster turned evangelical preacher, trawls the slums looking for souls to be saved on his quest to broker peace among all parties and end the city's drug conflict

Genre: Documentary

Classification: U Certificate