Celebrity Wedding Planner is a Documentary programme that first aired in 2012.

Pete Burns and John Mccririck has no rating, but Celebrity Wedding Planner is a 3/5 star programme.
3 star rating
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Celebrity Wedding Planner: Pete Burns and John Mccririck

Series 1, episode 0

Pete Burns and John McCririck, two of the most memorable Celebrity Big Brother contestants ever, team up to plan one young couple's big day. Astra and Anthony from Yorkshire have handed over control of their wedding day to the surgically enhanced Dead or Alive front man and the larger-than-life former racing pundit, and now there is nothing they can do but hope for the best. The bride-to-be dreams of a fairy-tale wedding complete with a princess dress. Her fiancé imagines himself in a traditional top hat and tails. But it is anyone's guess what John and Pete have up their sleeves. One thing is for sure: they have only three weeks and 12,000 pounds to create a wedding to remember.