Ancient Invisible Cities is a Documentary programme.

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Ancient Invisible Cities: Istanbul

Series 1, episode 3

Directed by (unconfirmed)
Renny Bartlett

In Turkey, Michael Scott uses 3D-scanning technology to examine the once enormous Hippodrome, which began as a stadium for chariot racing, though its foundations were later converted into a huge water cistern to supply the Emperor's Great Palace. Michael unearths a holy well, hidden 30 feet under a carpet shop and, conversely, walks high above the city on the most sophisticated and longest aqueduct of the Roman world, finding that part of the Great Palace of Constantine is now a burnt-out shell. Along the way Michael finds time for a shave in the Sultan's Grande Bazaar and uncovers the engineering innovations of the Suleymaniye Mosque

Cast (unconfirmed)

Michael Scott
Renny Bartlett
Chris Granlund