Chefs A'Field: Culinary Adventures That Begin on the Farm is a Cookery programme.


Chefs A'Field: Culinary Adventures That Begin on the Farm

Not another cooking show, you say? Not quite--rather, Chefs A' Field is a multi-season, nationally- distributed PBS television series that explores the critical relationship between great chefs and their local farmers. The country's greatest chefs will tell you that ingredients are key and they know their local farmers provide products that are superior in taste, nutrition, and cost.

Our cameras travel along as chefs go from kitchen to farm and back again, along the way selecting seasonal, sustainable ingredients for a signature dish they later prepare. Following this process, we will learn how vital farmer-chef relationships support farmers and local economies, and ensure responsible, environmentally-sound farming.

We follow the country's best chefs into the field as they search for fresh and unique ingredients. As the chefs interact with farmers, fishermen, foragers, and ranchers, we see why thoughtful practices in agriculture make a difference in how things taste and hold their nutritional value. We see why supporting family-run and organic farms are critical to a healthy local economy and environment.

The chefs themselves select the dishes they will make before our cameras. All select recipes to which fresh, local ingredients are vital. In the kitchen, we get a close look at how to prepare the dish as the chef narrates. It is an opportunity to see the kitchens and methods of some of the best chefs and restaurants in the country. Chefs A' Field is the first cooking related program ever to be produced in High Definition for American viewing.

Genre: Cookery

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)