Jack Dee's Happy Hour is a Comedy programme.


Jack Dee's Happy Hour

This series is a mixture of comedy and topical issues and is excellently delivered to us by the master of deadpan comedy himself, Jack Dee.

During an uncharacteristic spurt of enthusiasm in January, Jack Dee agreed to supply his favourite Auntie with a second series of Happy Hour. And though Jack has lapsed into a more recognisable state of torbid depression, the project is now in full swing. Consequently, Mr Dee will be in a bad mood until further notice.

Jack once again journeys into the arena of human cintentment that has so far eluded him by participating in unfamiliar and, doubtless, unwise activities - body-piercing, fox-hunting, free-masonry and the supernatural.

In an effort to escape the suffocating loneliness of his existence, he has taken to inviting guests onto the show, who submit their most treasured mementoes to Dee's scorn.

Hapless members of the public continue to seek Jack's counsel, complex current events are re-interpreted and Jack serves up large portions of his trademark stand-up.

In the first edition of the second series, Jack's targets, and considerations, include the national Census, Marks and Spencer and the international space station.

Jack also answers questions from the public and goes out and about in an attempt to discover what *normal* people do to have fun.

Genre: Comedy