Pokémon 2000: The Power of One is a Childrens programme.


Pokémon 2000: The Power of One

Children's animated film. When Togepi falls down a dark hole, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Marill, Venonat, and Psyduck give chase and find themselves in a giant tree that once was Pikachu's old home. With help from Pikachu's old friend, Elekid, the PokÚmon find Togepi - but he has been mistaken for an Exeggcute egg. The PokÚmon head off into the depths of the tree to find the missing egg, meeting a trio of dancing Bellossom along the way. A severe storm hits the area and Pikachu and his friends try to protect the Exeggcute eggs from being blown away. Director.

Genre: Childrens

Running Time: 105 minutes (approx)

When is Pokémon 2000: The Power of One next on TV?

It's next showing on Citv (Freeview) December 20th, 1:00pm. See more...