The Book Show is an Arts programme.

The Book Show is a 3 star programme

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The Book Show

This half-hour programme is hosted by David Freeman and is devoted to writers and the best in popular writing. It features international best-selling authors, celebrities, first-time novelists and people with gripping real life stories.

In this edition, David Freeman meets Anita Shreve, the author of acclaimed novels such as The Weight Of Water, Eden Close, Strange Fits Of Passion, Where Or When and Resistance.

Born in 1947, the American author taught at Amherst College and won the New England Book Award for fiction. She now lives with her husband and family in western Massachusetts, but makes a special trip across the Atlantic to join The Book Show and discuss her latest novel: The Last Time They Met.

The book focuses on the unusual relationship of Linda Fallon and Thomas Janes, two people who have sustained a life-long passion for each other, even though they have only ever been together three times. The book examines the impact of a single choice on a whole lifetime and explores the resurrection of abandoned questions and lost dreams when Linda meets poet Thomas, the object of her past obsession, at a literary festival.

Find out more about his intriguing work in The Book Show.

Genre: Arts

3/5 Stars