Hotter Sex is an Adult Entertainment programme.


Hotter Sex

This summer's set to sizzle with the brand new, interactive eight-part series, Hotter Sex, on Sky One from this month. Tracey Cox, sex-expert and author of two best-selling sex and relationship guides, hosts an innovative twist on the sexual advice programme genre, as couples are given the opportunity to go home and practise what they have learnt on the show - and the Sky One cameras will follow them in their quest for sexual ecstasy.

Hotter Sex brings the joy of sex to the screen for 21st century living. Discussing real issues with real people and discovering their problems, frustrations and secret desires, Tracey provides practical solutions to get couples' sex lives soaring once again. Using her extensive knowledge in the area of all things erotic, she gives basic advice for the missionaries, and advanced tips on the best tricks and sexual techniques that will take even the most adventurous of lovers to new heights of pleasure.

In addition to offering sound sexual guidelines, Tracey also makes sure the participating couples have completed their 'homework' (e.g. a sensual massage course, fantasy role playing and making a body map of each other's hot spots) and they return to the show for a passion post-mortem. Explicit details of how couples get on are revealed on camera, as well as some practical sexual demonstrations, using real people from the show. And all the action that can't be caught on camera will be discussed by each couple on Big Brother style video diaries.

Each episode looks at three different couples in long term relationships who have filled in a detailed questionnaire about their sex lives. Tracey encourages them to open up to discuss their most intimate secrets so that she can find out what's good and what could be better about their sex lives. Tracey then designs each couple a tailor-made plan that can fit into their normal working and home lives.

"This is an extraordinary sex programme that's quite shocking - but not in the usual sense," says Tracey. "We've all seen shows on kinky couples who dabble in things like swinging and fetish clubs. But this show features everyday couples, just like you and me, who've opened their bedroom doors to our film crew and their mouths to tell me exactly what they get up to and why. This sort of honesty and intimacy has never been seen before. It's one thing watching a couple dress-up in rubber. Quite another to see your neighbours stark naked in all senses of the word."

Each episode is themed and will delve deeply into the following topics: intercourse, orgasm, getting it right, oral sex, 21st century sex, sex myths and fantasies. The first episode deals with foreplay, as Tracey talks to three couples about what they can do to make their sex lives more fulfilling, including one couple who are about to get married, and want to make sure their wedding night will be a memorable one.

By accessing Sky's interactive application, viewers can find even more entertainment and step-by-step advice from Tracey. As well as the opportunity to vote in viewer surveys, there will also be more information made available about the couples featured in the shows. Are they shy about sex or adventurous? How many partners have they had? The homework which Tracey has set the couples will also be explained via the red interactivity button - so viewers can try out the tips for themselves. It might be a dressing-up game, a naughty photo session or a lesson with a Tantric teacher.

Viewers can also e-mail the programme with comments and questions. Each week, Tracey will select a number of the most popular e-mail queries and her answers will be published on the Hotter Sex interactive system.

Hotter Sex dispels myths, removes taboos and above all, explains how to make the 'earth move' a little more often.

Genre: Adult Entertainment

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)