Gary and Mike

Beware. The claymation anti-christs are here! Combining the grosser than gross-out extremes of South Park and the razor sharp wit of The Simpsons, the cult hit of the current US season, Gary & Mike, has arrived in the UK, exclusively on Sky One. Described in the American press as 'Dumb and Dumber on hallucinogens', each episode plays like a mini-movie, replete with computer-generated cityscapes, highways and vistas as Gary and Mike, two suburban twentysomethings, enjoy the road trip of their lives.

Nothing is sacred in this ambitious claymation series from Will Vinton's Claymation Studios (creators of California Raisins) as two fully bendable buddies hop into their wreck of a Chevy convertible and attempt to rediscover America. Featuring partial puppet nudity, cute baby animals going 'splat', and an assortment of devil-worshippers, this cult hit explores every social and ethnic stereotype imaginable. Follow Gary and Mike each week as they enjoy the one ride you won't want to miss! With Christopher Moynihan (The Hughleys) as the voice of Gary Newton and Harland Williams (The Geena Davis Show) as the voice of Mike Bonner.

Gary Newton - a good-hearted loser of a young man - is ordered by his ex-Marine father (read Boot Camp-style drill instructor) to give up administering sponge baths to residents of a nursing home and to continue the family tradition of following the trail of their illustrious forefathers, Lewis and Clark. But before making it out of town he is abruptly joined by old pal Mike Bonner who has just escaped the murderous clutches of Officer Dick, the hostile father who has taken exception to Mike's dalliance with his virgin daughter on the night before her wedding.

With this inauspicious beginning, Gary and Mike head west with the help of a Charlton Heston-narrated audio guide. Before long, they encounter a spooky old geezer straight out of Deliverance, and mistake an innocent bunny named Snowball for dinner. By the next day, they have taken possession of their trademark Chevy convertible and put all of their troubles ahead of them. You can follow their escapades and catch the fun every week, exclusively on Sky One.

Genre: Animation

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)