PG certificateAt Home with the Braithwaites is a Drama programme and has been classified a PG certificate.

At Home with the Braithwaites is a 4 star programme

Image for the Drama programme "At Home with the Braithwaites"

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At Home with the Braithwaites

Alison Braithwaite (Amanda Redman) is married to David (Peter Davison) and together they live with their three daughters, Virginia (Sarah Smart), Sarah (Sarah Churm) and Charlotte (Keeley Fawcett)

Alison's life is about to take a drastic turn when she discovers that the EuroLottery ticket her youngest daughter got her for her birthday has actually won the jackpot!

Now Alison has been landed with a £38,000,000 windfall!

In a desperate bid to be responsible with the money, she decides to use the money for charitable purposes, however, in doing so she keeps it from her family.

And that's just the start of it all!!

Genre: Drama

4/5 Stars

Classification: PG Certificate

Main Cast

Image for Amanda RedmanAmanda Redman
Judy Holt
Keeley Fawcett
Damian Zuk
Sarah Churm
Image for Sarah SmartSarah Smart
Kulvinder Ghir
Neil Stuke
Image for Julie GrahamJulie Graham
Image for Sylvia SymsSylvia Syms
Image for Peter DavisonPeter Davison
Image for Ray StevensonRay Stevenson
Image for Ray WinstoneRay Winstone
Kevin Doyle
Lynda Bellingham
Ishia Bennison