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Ross Kemp: Extreme World

Sky1 at 9:00pm (Other show times...)

Ross Kemp: Extreme World

BAFTA-winning documentary maker Ross Kemp and his Extreme World team are back, gaining unparalleled access to the people and places caught up in some of the most important global issues of our time. On the itinerary this series are Papua New Guinea, Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Las Vegas and Rio de Janeiro.

In this opening instalment, Ross travels to India for what becomes one of his most harrowing investigations to date. It is estimated that up to 100 million people are involved in human trafficking in India, with a large proportion trafficked for sex.

Arriving in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, home to Asia's largest sex industry, Ross visits the notorious red light districts and meets some of the sex workers, many of whom are victims of debt bondage and human trafficking. For the first time in his documentaries, Ross uses a concealed camera to secretly film as he gains access to a brothel. In startling footage, he witnesses not only the scale of the industry but how frighteningly young some of the girls trapped in it are.

Travelling across the country to West Bengal, from where many traffickers take girls for work in the cities, he meets several desperate families who are looking for their daughters. The police are so under resourced they are having very little impact on this illegal activity, with a team of only 13 detectives assigned to investigate kidnappings and trafficking.

Ross's investigation concludes as he comes face to face with a sex trafficker. In a distressing sequence, the man's confession of the many abhorrent acts he has committed leaves Ross and his team stunned.

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Ross Kemp: Extreme World

Ross Kemp: Extreme World

Sky1 at 9:00pm

The compelling documentary series returns as Ross Kemp visits India to investigate a devastating human trafficking industry. Contains distressing scenes....

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