Rude Tube is a Comedy programme.

Ultimate Stunts has no rating, but Rude Tube is a 3/5 star programme.
3 star rating
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Rude Tube: Ultimate Stunts

Series 1, episode 6

Directed by (unconfirmed)
Morgan Roberts
Cicelia Deane

Alex Zane continues with the new series, bringing the funniest, strangest and most outrageous video upload trends currently sweeping the web direct to viewers' TV screens. In this show Rude Tube showcases the top 50 collection of the very best internet Ultimate Stunts. The greatest daredevils from around the world display the skill, guts, and utter stupidity needed in order to achieve online immortality. It's a world of pre-planned mayhem and madness with stunts from a dozen different countries, including the must see home-made Russian bungee, the snowboard train jump and the UK's own stuntman supreme Damien Walters