Ben's Zoo is a Documentary programme.

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Ben's Zoo

This documentary - about a middle-aged man with no experience of animal husbandry, who spends his family's life savings in an attempt to save a zoo from death row - is heartwarming, to say the least.

In August 2006 the Dartmoor Wildlife Park in Devon (UK) was preparing itself for the worst. Closed to the public and desperate for new investment, a skeleton staff of dedicated keepers remained, some spending their own money to buy food and much needed drugs for the animals. The keepers knew that the chance of re-housing mature big cats, monkeys and wolves into other zoos was minimal. Unless someone could scrape together the million pounds plus needed to buy the zoo, their beloved creatures were just weeks from being destroyed...

Then, at the eleventh hour, they heard the news, that against all the odds Ben Mee, a 38-year-old writer and DIY expert, and his family, had been crazy enough to buy the failing zoo.

This series follows Ben and his family's huge gamble as they become the proud owners of 219 of some of the rarest and most dangerous animals on Earth.


Genre: Documentary