What to watch on Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

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The Girl Who Lives in the Dark

at 10:00pm (Other show times...)

The Girl Who Lives in the Dark

For Wan Lao Yang, exposure to the sun is lifethreatening.

The nine-year-old Chinese girl suffers from Xeroderma Pigmentosum, a rare and incurable genetic disorder that makes exposure to the sun, or any UV light, extremely dangerous. Sufferers rapidly develop skin crusting, scarring and cancer.

Living in a remote farming village in South Eastern China, and uneducated about her disease, Wan Lao Yang has become horribly disfigured, with a cluster of large, malignant tumours on her face. Her cancer has gone without treatment for a number of years and she has become an outcast in society.

This documentary follows Dr David Atherton from Great Ormond Street Hospital as he travels to China in a bid to help Wan Lao and get her the treatment she urgently needs. He embarks on an emotional journey with Wan Lao and her father, as they bravely travel to Shanghai for surgery to remove the life-threatening tumours. But the procedure doesn't offer the solution her family hoped it would.

With help from Dr Atherton, and special clothing from NASA, will Wan Lao ever be able to live a normal life?

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David Beckham‘s Soccer USA

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The Girl Who Lives in the Dark

The Girl Who Lives in the Dark

at 10:00pm

In this moving film, Wan Lao Yang discusses how she has learnt to live with a rare disorder which makes exposure to the sun extremely dangerous. Contains graphic scenes of surgery....

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