What to watch on Sunday, April 20th, 2008

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Beat the Star

itv London at 6:45pm (Other show times...)

Beat the Star

Fresh from the ring and his 17th straight victory, boxing legend Amir Khan is about to take up a brand new challenge in the first of ITV1's brand new prime time show Beat The Star.

Amir is reverred for his agilty, speed and power, but will this be enough as this time his opponent will be a formidable member of the public and the tasks at hand are far from a boxing ring bout.

The pair will go head to head over seven different games made up of physical and mental challenges right through to the downright quirky and daring. With £50,000 at stake for 'the challenger' and the pride and reputation on the line for 'the star' there is everything to play for.

Host Vernon Kay (pictured) will be on hand to explain each round and encourage both contestants throughout the rounds. Each of the challenges will be a complete surprise to the players giving them only seconds to prepare.

5' 10" Amir will be facing 6' 5" Dan Ivey, a policeman from Plymouth who hits the gym five times a week and has won a police bravery award. However, Dan shows his nerves when his surprise opponent is revealed as the great Amir Khan.

Amir says: "I'm always up for a challenge and I know that I'll be up against somebody who thinks they can beat me. However this is going to be different. It's not boxing training, it's different events and different sports in this show so it's a challenge for me and I want to go out there and see what it's all about... I'm definitely going to win, there's no doubt about it."

Amir has admitted his one Achilles heel is heights and this would be the one thing that could definitely knock his confidence, so it looks like the climb to the top of a 10 metre high telegraph pole is going to come as a bit of a blow for him. "Stand on that for 30 seconds? I'd rather do 12 rounds with Mike Tyson than this," he says.

Dan has recently completed a police advanced driving course and looks pleased when Vernon reveals there will be a driving game. However steering a dune buggy through a mud sodden course, he might be in need of his flashing blue light.

So will Amir be able to take the knocks and keep his pride intact, or will Dan have him against the ropes and secure the prize fund of £50,000? If Amir succeeds the money rolls over until next week when a new star and challenger come face to face in Beat The Star when £100,000 is to play for.

Preview courtesy of ITV

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